Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This is a reenactment several weeks after the incident occurred:

One day, when I was 9 weeks old, Nellie got to go outside. "Hey, I want to go out, too!"
But Mom said, "You know you can't go out without your leash!"

So I walked over to where my leash was.....

and I got my leash down from the coat hook.

I carried my leash over to the outside place, hoping Mom would get the hint--

and she did. Good Mommy, she is learning. If I keep this up, she will be trained in no time. (Again, genius?)

I'm bored...

It's watering outside, puddles are fun, I want to play in the puddles. I can see the puddles, but I can't get to the puddles.

Hmmm, where's Nellie?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Nellie and me frolicking!

Stairs are easy, now. Take my picture!

Again, look at my cuteness.

Genius Puppy!

This is my kennel, but I am too big, now. When I was seven weeks old, I learned how to escape from it, (can you say, "Genius!") so it had to have a special lock put on it. Now I'm in a bigger kennel with all my stuff, but I haven't learned how to open it ....yet.......

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Look What I Can Do, 2"

Here's, some new stuff with my ball
Get it! Yeah!

I am sitting and waiting for my supper, it's so hard...mmmm, food....

Touch, Touch, Touch....

"Look What I Can Do!"

Watch me, then watch Nellie...she likes my toy, too (she steals it from the table while I'm not watching).

I am 15 weeks old, and I can:
and look so handsome while I do it.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bask in my adorableness! 04/25/2010

Check out that ceiling fan. Cool belly.....

Handsome much? I've got this "sit" thing down already, and I'm only 11 weeks!

After a good nap, I like to play and then bite and then prance and then nap and then play and then bite and then prance and then nap and then......